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nternational Systems Research Co. (ISR), established in 1993 in Tokyo, is a certified Google Enterprise Partner (GEP). Its vision, One Safe Login, means that ISR is making the Internet’s cloud based information sharing platforms safe for anyone, anyplace, anytime. With ample experience developing security and business related web applications since the early era of the Internet, ISR is committed to its mission – to provide the world’s best cloud security solution, CloudGate.

Cloud computing has been introduced to many companies, with more and more deciding to migrate to the cloud every day as they realize the many advantages of cloud computing. These merits include cost reduction, increases in productivity, and improvement in user experience. This is why cloud computing will continue to thrive, even through tough economic times.

However, one challenge that many companies deal with is that these convenient services can be less secure than on-premise infrastructure. Business users require secure access to cloud services without sacrificing productivity. ISR solves this problem by providing various types of access control, user provisioning, and flexible user management system.

ISR secures the access to G Suite, Office 365, and other leading cloud services, and has been at the forefront of the web’s most advanced technologies since its foundation. ISR’s product, CloudGate, enhances cloud service usage and provides practical, affordable, non-stop security features to companies that are migrating, or have already migrated to the cloud. CloudGate was developed based on many years of combined knowledge and experience with enterprise systems.


Here we will introduce how CloudGate got started in Japan and how this service attained and
has maintained its leading position in the SSO market in Japan through the past eight years.


ABOUT SoftBank & ISR

This is the story of ISR’s journey as a partner of SoftBank,
an enterprise reseller for G Suite in Japan with a proven track record

SoftBank and ISR have been active within the G Suite ecosystem since 2011. This interview is about how ISR was able to gain SoftBank’s trust as a partner.


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