We are performance-driven team players who embrace
challenges and proactively solve problems.


We believe great teamwork is the key to providing outstanding service.

We take pride in the quality of service we provide to our customers.  With a culturally diverse team across the globe, our offices in Japan, the Philippines, Canada, and the US all work together everyday, overcoming geographical boundaries as well as language and cultural barriers, to improve our solutions and services. From the newest associate down to the company’s CEO, each member of the company embodies the value of service mind – ISR’s core value that is customer-focused and grounded upon strong teamwork not only within teams but across teams as well.  With this shared drive and value, ISR aims to revolutionize the future of the cloud security industry.


“Service Mind” is our Core Value

At ISR the ‘Service Mind’ is our Core Value and it refers to the attitude of striving continuously to improve service quality  and to working closely within each team and with other teams  to realize continuous improvement (see below).

Everyday think and act on how to provide better service, to improve user experience.
Within team: Everyday strive to improve team collaboration focused on customer.
Between teams: Think of, treat and work with other team members as if they were part of your team; Everday strive to remove boundaries between teams.


We breed creativity and innovation.


ISR stands out with a more open and flexible work environment.  Each employee, no matter how junior or senior his/her position is in the company, has the opportunity to voice out their opinions and share their ideas.  ISR values each individual and welcomes the creative solutions they can bring to the table.

With a culture that breeds creativity, we believe that this will eventually lead to meaningful discussions and a free flow of ideas that could inspire innovation and revolutionize the cloud security industry.

Career Enhancement

At ISR, we value our employees’ career growth and development throughout their stay in the company. As such, the company conducts performance evaluation semi-annually to discuss each employee’s achievements and makes sure that their job is in line with their future goals.


We believe that we should be as diverse as the markets we serve.  With ISR employees hailing from 8 different countries,  each member has an opportunity to work in teams with different backgrounds and ideas, allowing us to understand the needs of our customers everywhere.

Team Engagement

We hold quarterly team building events for our employees to strengthen camaraderie and promote team engagement. It’s a great opportunity to communicate with people in other departments while having fun at the same time.

Language Lessons

With a culturally diverse team striving towards global expansion, ISR aims to break communication barriers by providing English classes for non-English speaking employees, and Japanese classes for non-Japanese speaking employees.


Find a location where you want to work.


Our main headquarters that revolutionized Japan’s cloud security industry with our authentication service, CloudGate.


Our subsidiary office that supports product development in Japan and English technical support for US customers.


Our newly established office that aims to bring our trusted cloud security services to the US.


Our main technical support hub providing quality service to our customers in the US.

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