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Going Global 5: Back in the Pacific Northwest
As the Boeing 777 that I am riding approaches Seattle I look once more out my window. Through fast clouds passing by, I contemplate again the awe-inspiring forest beneath us. Then as we are about to land the forest turns to sea. Across the water the city looms in the distance.
Going Global 4: Back to Japan
As I look out of the window of the Boeing 787 that I ride on and which is about to land, I catch a view of Mount Fuji in the distance emerging out of a cloud layer which hides Tokyo Bay.
Going Global 2: From Japan to the US
This summer, I came back to the US after thirty years of working and living in Japan. The last twenty four years, I have spent building a company, International Systems Research, which was first dedicated to improving the usability of the internet and is now dedicated to developing applications and services to improve cloud security.