Going Global 4: Back to Japan

Japanese high quality SSO service CloudGate


CEO Raul Mendez

International Systems Research Co.

ISR’s CEO talks about Japanese high quality SSO service CloudGate, how it attained 99.99% availability and outstanding customer level.

As I look out of the window of the Boeing 787 that I ride on and which is about to land,  I catch a view of Mount Fuji in the distance emerging  out of a cloud layer which hides Tokyo Bay.   I am  back to Japan from a two-week business trip to the  Pacific Northwest to setup offices there to start offering this fall  our CloudGate service in the US market.  Tokyo is  the home of  CloudGate, born in this great city in late 2008.

CloudGate provides authentication and access control to Google Apps, Office 365 and other major SaaS cloud services and has grown to more than 650,000 users within 1,400 companies in a market  whose  products are known worldwide for their quality and service excellence  and CloudGate is no exception to this tradition.   

The service that we will soon start in the United States is an extension of the service we are providing  in Japan and thus  are bringing high availability and outstanding customer support to our users in the US.

In Japan,  in the past 4 years,  CloudGate has attained 99.99% availability and  reliability level  is the result of best practices developed by our ops team throughout more than 8 years of operation. Our customer service, based upon our company’s culture core value of service mind,  is another  area that we have continuously improved on since we started our service in Japan.

Our partnership with Google starting more than 8 years ago, when Google began offering their Google Apps  services worldwide, is the bedrock upon which we base our expansion to the US (In fact, we have recently achieved the Google Premier Technology Partner status for G Suite, the first in Japan).

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September 28, 2017