Going Global 7: A Business Trip to San Francisco – Flexible access control service


CEO Raul Mendez

International Systems Research Co.

Flying to SFO on the afternoon of a Typhoon that did not come.Typhoon 21 is scheduled to hit Tokyo on Monday morning around the time that the workday begins here and on the day that I am supposed to depart for San Francisco on a business trip. Throughout the weekend we have been besieged by nonstop rain.

However, on Monday despite the many warnings  the typhoon bypasses Tokyo and by noon the weather clears up. At 3 pm my flight takes off on time from Haneda under beautiful  blue skies.

After a 10 hour flight I land on time at SFO.  I am here to give tomorrow a presentation on CloudGate to an important partner but tonight I have a dinner meeting with a friend and former colleague.

I take Bart to downtown, check in at a boutique hotel at Union Square and sleep a few hours.

I wake up, take an uber car to the Crustacean restaurant on Powell St.

My friend orders a crab for dinner, and  since this is only my second time to have crab I have a difficult time getting enough to eat with the pincers that I are used instead of knife and fork.  Though the meal is not so satisfying, the conversation with my friend is very enlightening.

I asked his advice about the presentation I am about to  give tomorrow.  Citing recent internet security problems such as WannaCry, APT, and others, he encourages me to emphasize that by offering CloudGate’s  flexible access control and strong authentication, end users will achieve greater value and new revenue streams will be discovered by our partner if he chooses to go with CloudGate.

After dinner I decide to walk back to the hotel.

San Francisco has been enjoying a late Indian summer weather and in spite of being late in October the night is unusually warm.

This weather brings back memories of similar Indian Summers many years ago when I was a graduate student across the Bay at the  math department of UC Berkeley.

I arrive at the Hotel and modify my presentation to emphasize CloudGate’s Flexible Access Control and Authentication.  Knowing that I am better prepared for tomorrow I call it a day.

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November 9, 2017