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CloudGate is enterprise cloud security for G Suite services. It is stable and flexible enough to meet all kinds of security policies, from the very relaxed to the most stringent. CloudGate is a solution that allows IT administrators to easily secure access to cloud environments, control access to company resources, and manage the identities of users at their company. With CloudGate, it is easy to reap the rewards of cloud technologies without compromising company security.


CloudGate provides secure sign-on to G Suite from any location or device, enhancing security and productivity for over half a million users worldwide.


CloudGate’s flexible security & password policies allow IT administrators to adapt quickly and provide the right level of security for the right people at the right time.


CloudGate offers clients various access restrictions that allow IT administrators to restrict access by IP address, email client, web browser, or for any type of device.


Quick, at-a-glance usage reports, as well as information regarding access history, login attempts, user location, and more can be easily monitored and downloaded.


CloudGate provisions automatically with G Suite. Its easy-to-use interface equips IT administrators with a centralized G Suite identity management tool.


CloudGate is SaaS (Software as a Service). There is no need for in-house server or up-front license. Just subscribe and enjoy G Suite without security concerns.


One Safe Login

CloudGate is a cloud security solution for G Suite, offering G Suite administrators easy to use access management features to effectively manage security.

While migrating to G Suite, questions arise about how to maintain the same levels of security and access control that were provided by a previous system, or about how to benefit from SaaS like G Suite without worrying about unauthorized access or lost smartphones.

CloudGate provides a practical and affordable solution to these challenges with strong multi-factor authentication options. These include support for FIDO’s UAF/U2F protocols for physical hardware tokens like the Yubico Yubikey.

How it works:

Compatibility and flexibility:

Different companies have different requirements and security policies. CloudGate is flexible and works for both large and small companies with varying security policies. This flexibility has led CloudGate to be adopted by more than half a million G Suite users around the world, securing access to the cloud.


Secure, Comprehensive and Versatile Access Control

CloudGate’s access restriction features allow IT administrators to quickly and easily support various access patterns for their employees when they use G Suite.
Migrating to the cloud increases convenience, collaboration, and accessibility of company information, regardless of location or device. The main downside is that, while it is feasible to properly restrict user access in an on-premise environment, it is difficult to control access in a cloud environment. Cloud services greatly increase the risk of data leakage and are rarely in compliance with corporate security policies.

CloudGate provides companies with the convenience of the cloud, along with the security of an internal network, allowing administrators to easily control access to valuable data. Even if user credentials are ever compromised, CloudGate can still keep data safe.

CloudGate uses many different user access restrictions to make sure your information stays private. The following are different access restrictions that are available in CloudGate:

For users to access  G Suite outside of the company network, CloudGate allows user access only from specific IP address(es) that IT administrators register in advance.

CloudGate’s Location Based Access Restriction grants the administrator to allow user access from a single or multiple IP addresses. At many companies, certain workers are not supposed to access company information from outside the office, which complicates set up and enforcement of security policies in a cloud environment. CloudGate makes it easy. While certain employees are not allowed external access, it is necessary for others.

For users working with multiple devices and browsers, CloudGate grants each device / browser combination a unique fingerprint that allows login. Non-registered access from outside of the network is prohibited.

For users on the road or away from the office with mobile devices, CloudGate provides proprietary smartphone applications for iOS and Android that coordinates user credentials to sign-in to G Suite across devices while maintaining the highest possible level of security.

Some companies use browser-based email services, but others prefer clients like Outlook or Thunderbird. CloudGate is one of very few G Suite security solutions that natively supports email client access restriction. This restriction allows users to retrieve emails to a client only from approved IP addresses.

Email clients inside the company network are allowed to connect to G Suite to send and receive email, while email clients outside of it are prohibited from accessing G Suite.


Identity Management

CloudGate provides a simple user provisioning interface for G Suite, allowing administrators to efficiently manage employee identities.

User Provisioning:

CloudGate provisions creating, updating, and suspending users and groups with G Suite.

Organizational Structure:

CloudGate provides different features to manage your company’s organizational structure with units and hierarchical order as you define. This gives IT administrators a greater ability to manage and sort information about employees, groups, project units, etc.

Batch Registration (CSV):

CloudGate also handles batch user registration and updates with CSV files. This serves as a backup data and makes switching to G Suite easier.


Flexible Security Policy

CloudGate meets various security requirements and access environments depending on type of employee, position, work, device, location, etc. With flexible security profile features and password policy, CloudGate makes this complex work easily manageable.

Unlimited number of security profiles:

CloudGate offers an unlimited number of security profiles, each which is completely customizable.

Password policy:

While the G Suite password policy only allows administrators to define a few password requirements, CloudGate’s password policy is stringent enough to meet your security standards. CloudGate’s optional password requirements include; customizable password length and complexity (character requirements), customizable login attempt limits with an account lockdown feature, and password change requirements to make sure users are choosing a new password, instead of the same one every time.


Logging and Reporting

CloudGate collects important information about users’ access activity. This information is readily available for the administrator to view and/or download.

Rich information in an intuitive interface:

CloudGate provides administrators with detailed access records such as sign-in history with dates, times, and device type, failed sign-in attempts, access location, and more in a simple graphical view.

Report and download:

Access logs are available for search, sort, and download. IT administrators can make use of this data to analyze usage and ROI.


CloudGate as a Service

CloudGate aims to maximize customers’ benefit from the convenience of G Suite while maintaining a high level of security at an affordable cost.

Smooth implementation:

Because CloudGate is tightly integrated with G Suite, it is easy to configure.


Because CloudGate charges per user license, you only pay for the amount of service needed, and can easily add licenses as your company expands.

Customer Focus:

CloudGate, as a cloud security market leader, has been deployed to more than 1400 companies and over half a million users around the world. From planning to full-scale implementation, CloudGate can help your company with its cloud migration process. Full support towards customer success is also included, so whether you need help with implementation, usage, troubleshooting, or general questions, ISR’s support team will be there to assist.

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